A Variety Show Exploring Optimal Health, Healing Energy, LIVE Music, Laughter and Wellness Experts 

Show Description

A LIVE music focused variety show, with an array of genres.  

With guests performing as we broadcast, we are joined by health professionals.

Podcasts can be viewed online. We continue to broadcast from the radio station where the show began, every second Wednesday night 7 to 9, on 101.9 FM on Musqueum land in Vancouver, Canada.

Sonic influence on culture and health has inspired us to provide a space for bridging those in need to resources that they may not be aware utilizing music as a vehicle for delivering qualified guidance on mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. 


We envision a global community that embraces the value of the art that colors our world, and holistic approaches to health, as therapy that is both pro-active and responsive to good health needs.


We strive to establish a standard of high quality, wholesome entertainment that is truly fun and informative, inspiring real people to foster our healthiest lives holistically.

To bridge audiences with an alternative access to wrap around health information, which includes mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. 

To bridge underrepresented voices with discerning audiences that seek in depth content with substance and integrity. 

To continue to grow, improve and listen.

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Health Guests overview

Our health guests are licensed health professionals from various health occupations with a focus on mental health, which is closely linked to physical, emotional and spiritual health by evidence based research. 

Music therapy and discussing best practices for optimal health that includes a demonstration and discussion. Occasionally we partake in food preparation, or play the subject or patient of a counselling or physical therapy session etc. 

Some other guests might include, but not limited to nutritionists, music therapists, mental and emotional counsellors, Indigenous Elders discussing best practices for optimal physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health, with drumming and singing. We have interviewed some of the world's leading health specialists and aired them on our show at CITR in the past. 

The Host: Jason Q Lawrence

Growing up in a musical family, he has been writing and performing since he was a young teenager. Studying human behavior and nature since he began to speak, he is always pursuing knowledge of healing through every opportunity that life provided including experiential, clinical, religious, and cultural publications and practices.

He has worked with Indigenous nonprofit NGOs with a focus on health over the last ten years, and often shares this work on the radio to expand awareness. Focused on clinical research on, and developing programs to

enhance health outcomes, he has employed his passion for filmmaking to produce four documentaries on Indigenous health (with a team that works like family), currently

available on streaming platforms and utilized in nationally distributed health tool kits.